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2023-12-18 (Monday) Collaborating to build the future of third-generation semiconductors: Seminar on sustainable development of silicon carbide market and ecological chain


Organized by the Fifth Group of the Federation of Industry and Commerce (Hong Kong Electronics Industry Federation) and co-organized by the Hong Kong Electronics Industry Chamber of Commerce, the "Collaborative Building of the Future of Third-Generation Semiconductors: Sustainable Development of Silicon Carbide Market and Ecological Chain Seminar" has been held in 2023 It was successfully held at the Federation of Hong Kong Industries on December 18th. The response was very enthusiastic that day, with more than 70 industry insiders attending. The speakers discussed the application and development of silicon carbide technology in the third-generation semiconductor field, and had in-depth discussions on establishing a reliable The importance of continuing to develop the silicon carbide market and ecological chain, and also answered many questions from industry insiders during the seminar○

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