The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Limited (HKEIA) was established in 1980. The objectives of the HKEIA are:

  • to promote and foster the interests of Hong Kong’s electronics industry and business communities;
  • to represent the views of electronics industry and advise the government and other public bodies on policies and legislation affecting the industry;
  • To sponsor trade fairs, trade missions, seminars, and other promotional activities in Hong Kong, China or overseas with the aim of helping members raise their technology level in the industry;
  • to advance and promote commercial and technical education, and to conduct charitable activities as part of its social responsibilities and;
  • to collect and disseminate statistical and other information relating to the Electronics Industry.

The HKEIA achieves this by:

  • Reflecting members views to the Legislative Council and Government organizations; maintaining channels of communications with electronics industry associations worldwide and exchanging views on important issues through attendance on the Asian Electronic Forum (AEF) and the World Electronic Forum (WEF) etc.;
  • Organizing activities to promote the electronics industry, such as trade fairs, trade missions & seminars and establishing the Electronic Industries Award (EIA) in the Autumn Hong Kong Electronic Fair;
  • Perform as a bridge between members, and the electronic industries in China and overseas counties;
  • Establishing HKEIA Education Fund with a view to assisting the education of poor students in China and promoting technical education in Hong Kong; making donation to local tertiary education institutes and charitable bodies as contributions to benevolent causes;
  • Organizing training workshop and courses for personal engaged in the electronic industries as means of raising their professional standards;
  • Publishing the Directory of Hong Kong Electronics Industry, Bulletin, disseminating latest information and news and leading discussions on important issues and policies affecting the electronics industry.

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