Smart Ultimated Portable Coffee Machine wins EIA Product of the Year 2019

“The Electronic Industries Awards (EIA) 2019”, jointly organized by the Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association (HKEIA) and HKTDC during the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) was announced on 14 October 2019. This year, there are 19 winners and 8 winners awarded with Gold Award in 21 product categories. The “EIA Product of the Year 2019” goes to “Smart Ultimated Portable Coffee Machine” by Protronic (Far East) Limited which was selected among the winners at their booths by the judging panel. We have invited Dr. David Chung Wai Keung, JP, Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology of the HKSAR as the Guest of Honor to present the prize to all the winners.

The panel of judges had representatives from HKTDC, HKPC, CEOs from leading electronics companies and University. All judges assessed the products from applicant companies in their innovation, marketability, uniqueness, eco-friendliness, creativity, product design etc.

The Chief Judge Dr. Brian Li, Vice-Chairman of the HKEIA, indicated that all awarded products are of high performance in terms of technology, product design, innovation, market value and social impacts. Most of the products are user-friendly and enable by multiple integration of various technologies. The judging panel opined that most of the products have personalized design and changed life-style concepts and living quality resulting high market value. The winner of “EIA Product of the Year 2019: Smart Ultimated Portable Coffee Machine” illustrated how these factors are considered in their market value extended. By employing technologies like DC pump, temperature control, user-friendly design and enabled mobile application, with reasonable market price, it is expected this product will have a good market share of coffee maker.

Dr. Li and other judges said, in addition to breakthroughs in technology, another major focus of this product is to change the life-style of coffee-lovers and the way they live. This create a big impact in the market. Finally, Dr. Li concluded that extendable product is one of the keys for continuous success, also the changing or improving lifestyle with application of innovative and technology would be the trend for product design in future.

List of EIA Winners

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