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Intelligent Senior Housekeeper wins EIA Product of the Year 2018

“The Electronic Industries Awards (EIA) 2018”, jointly organized by the Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association (HKEIA) and HKTDC during the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) on 15 October 2018. This year, there are 7 Gold winners among 22 winners awarded in 13 product categories. “EIA Product of the Year 2018” goes to “Intelligent Senior Housekeeper” by Protronic (Far East) Limited which was selected among the 7 Gold winners at their booth by the judging panel. We have invited Nicholas Yang Wei-hsiung, GBS, JP, the Secretary for Innovation and Technology of the HKSAR as the guest of honor to present the prize to all EIA winners.

The panel of judges included representatives from HKTDC, HKPC and CEOs from leading electronics companies. All judges assessed product’s innovation, marketability, uniqueness, eco-friendly, creativity, product design etc. as judging criteria for the EIA.

The Chief Judge Dr. Alan Lam, HKEIA Secretary indicated that all gold-awarded products are high quality performance in terms of technology, product design, innovative ideas, market value and social impacts. Most of the products are practical and extendable in application of big data and artificial intelligence. The judging panel regarded most of the products have personalized design concepts as a valuable application for markets. For example, the winner of “EIA Product of the Year 2018”, “Intelligent Senior Housekeeper” demonstrated how these factors workable. The major purpose of the product is to monitor the activities of elderly and provide a more safe environment for living. Using a lightweight device and configuring a number of sensors at home, these sensors will learn the daily living habits and activities of the elderly. In case of an accident, the system can notify the family and caregivers immediately, so that the elderly can get the first time aid. When the elderly go out, they can also wear the smart watches with communication, positioning and fall sensors. When there is an accident or a fall when going out, the watch can make an alarm and post the relevant location information to the family and the caregivers at once. This device could relieve the pressures of their children who are unable to take care of their parents around the clock due to their busy lives.

In addition, Dr. Lam and other judges said that this product could reach the actual community needs of the society, such as improvement in care and attention homes for the elderly management and the reduction of medical costs. Finally, Dr. Lam concluded that the elderly related technology products or the ageing market could be an index for the market trend in the future.

The EIA aims to stimulate creative design and innovation within the electronics industry, as well as recognize and reward exhibitors with outstanding performance.

The Presentation Ceremony of EIA was held on 15 Oct 2018 at the HKEIA Annual Dinner, Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. Products of the EIA winners would be displayed at the ongoing Hong Kong Electronics Fair till October 16th at the HKEIA booth (1CON-00B) of the HKCEC and overseas exhibitions.