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Promotional activities
Hong Kong Electronics Promotion Co., Ltd. assists in promoting and coordinating different activities in the industry, including assisting members and small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in exhibitions locally and around the world. Members also enjoy discounts.


"Hong Kong Electronics Business Directory"
The "Hong Kong Electronics Business Directory", compiled and published by the Hong Kong Electronics Industry Chamber of Commerce, details the information and contact information of more than 5,000 local companies. It is a practical reference book and is provided to members free of charge.


Cooperate with the Hong Kong Electronics Industry Chamber of Commerce to organize industry-related seminars and invite well-known figures from the industry and political circles to serve as guest speakers. It covers a wide range of topics, including hot topics in the industry, industrial development prospects, legislation, management, financing, customs or taxation, etc. Members enjoy discounts.


Procurement platform
Hong Kong Electronics Promotion Co., Ltd. provides an effective procurement platform for members to purchase high-quality products through the association’s platform.


Latest products

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