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Mission of the HKEIA:

Since its establishment in 1980, the Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association (HKEIA@TM) has been committed to serving the Hong Kong electronic industries and assisting the industry in developing technology and expanding business. Mission of the HKEIA:

  • Promote the development of the local electronics industry and explore business opportunities for the industry;

  • Represent the local electronics industry to reflect the industry’s opinions to the Legislative Council, the government or domestic and foreign organizations, and exchange different industry information with local electronics chambers of commerce;

  • Organize and co-organize exhibitions, study tours, seminars and other promotional activities related to electronic trade development, with the purpose of helping to enhance the professional level of members;

  • Promote professional education, participate in charity activities, and fulfill social responsibilities;

  • Provide the latest industry news and data analysis.

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We actively strengthen conference activities, 
Working with you, including:

  • Represent members and the industry in the Legislative Council, high-level government consultation activities, and sign exchange and cooperation agreements with electronics chambers of commerce around the world, including participating in the Legislative Council consultation and hearing work;

  • Host international events such as the first Asian Electronics Forum and World Electronics Forum;

  • Co-organize the Hong Kong Electronics Show, organize study tours, seminars and electronics industry awards to promote the development of the industry;

  • Establish and seek cooperation business opportunities for members in the mainland and around the world;

  • Established the Education Fund of the Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association to assist domestic and local students in need to study, and donated money to many local universities and charitable organizations to help local development of scientific and technological talents and fulfill social responsibilities;

  • Organizing professional training and specialized courses or workshops;

  • Publishes a Hong Kong electronics business directory and newsletter, regularly releases the latest industry news and policies affecting the industry.

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