Project Summary

The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association (HKEIA), in association with the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), has launched an 18-month Support Programme to assist SMEs in adopting the ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS) standard. The Support Programme aims to help SMEs:

  • understand the added-value of an EnMS;
  • acquire an understanding of the ISO 50001 EnMS standard; and
  • learn the principles and essentials of implementing an ISO 50001 EnMS.

As ISO 50001 EnMS standard is versatile, we expect this project will benefit a wide range of industry including electronics, electrical products and equipment, textiles, apparel and accessories, watch and clocks, paper products and printing, plastics and rubber products, metal products, jewellery, toys and other manufacturing industries.

The scope of project will include:

  • a series of 5 Seminars explaining the key requirements of the ISO 50001 standard;
  • Initial Review for 20 SMEs to help SMEs identify gaps in achieving an EnMS and understand the significant sources of energy use within their operations. Recommendations will be provided to participating SMEs for planning of EnMS;
  • a Reference Guide (both print and web versions) on how to prepare and achieve the ISO 5000 standard;
  • Meeting with Industry Associations to introduce the ISO 50001 standard and the reference guide;
  • 10 Training Sessions to enhance the ISO 50001 standard knowledge of personnel who are responsible for setting up the EnMS to achieve ISO 50001 standard certification; and
  • a Hotline assisting SMEs in addressing the technical issues on ISO 50001 standard implementation and certification.