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The 21st World Electronics Forum (WEF) in Singapore

The 21st World Electronics Forum (WEF) was held at Singapore Expo in Singapore on 30 Nov to 1 Dec 2016. CEOs of Electronic Industries Association from China, Singapore, USA, France, Japan, India, Thailand, Austria, Philippine, Vietnam and Hong Kong etc. total 20 countries and areas gathered together to attend the event.

Led by Dr. C.H. Ng, Chairman of HKEIA, the HKEIA delegates attended the 21st World Electronics Forum (WEF). Dr. Ng delivered and shared speech on the development and future Innovation and Technology of Hong Kong in the Forums.

In addition to the WEF, CETI Asia Exhibition and “CETI Asia Challenge 2016-CETI Young Award” were the first new events to be held in this region which were organized by ACE Corporation and lead by SETIO Trade Associations. CETI Asia (Customer Electronics Technology and Innovation was held in Singapore Expo from 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2016. This global event was held together with 21st WEF (World Electronic Forum) supported by Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and International CES (USA). The objectives for CETI Asia were gather big idea to talk about future technology trends and showcase new innovations. Most of exhibitors were SMEs, startup and financial institutions to converge in this global event. More than 20 countries with about 10 country pavilions will join this event.

By focusing the attention on SMEs and startups, CETI Asia provide pre-business matching and business pitching. A 2-day technology investor conference and 3-days tradeshow were held to show the world about the future. It was complemented with the 21st WEF (World Electronic Forums) edition.

A major theme of this event was the showcase of automotive technology to represent various technologies that were integrated together like electronics, photonics, advanced materials, green envrionment, energy saving, etc.

Hosted by Singapore Electronics, Technology & Industry Organisation (SETIO), they arranged a presentation ceremony of “CETI Asia Challenge 2016 - CETI Young Award” and an appreciation dinner to farewell all guests.

Besides, we have arranged a tour to hydroponic farms in Singapore. In recent years, hydroponic farming has come of age and change the business model of traditional farming. According to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department established a Controlled Environment Hydroponic Research and Development Centre to introduce and demonstrate the related advanced techniques and equipment to the local farmers in 2013. In 2014, the Government issued a consultation document on the new agricultural policy and proposed the adoption of modernized and sustainable agricultural practices. Foreseeing the future sustainable development opportunities, we have arranged a visit to hydroponic farms in Singapore and to learn different techniques of hydroponics crop method for the industry in Hong Kong.

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